Stress affects all aspects of work. Our Well 2 Work White Paper presents the need for the Well 2 Work program by clearly identifying the impact stress and other factors have on productivity and employee well-being. DOWNLOAD WHITEPAPER Workers in the US have always been stressed, anxious and depressed. With the explosion of COVID-19 in early 2020, workplaces and workers have changed. Here we have provided food for thought for those interested in learning more about COVID’s impact on our work lives. TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES During these new and challenging times statistics on mental illness have taken on a new meaning, as our communities try to understand both the short and long-term impacts of mental illness. In order to show everyone how greatly mental illness impacts our communities; we have included a broad range of statistics here that show the wide scope of these conditions. READ THE STATISTICS

Well2Work provides virtual and in-person trainings to employers seeking proven ways to increase their employees’ productivity, engagement, empathy, and resilience.

The world is a very stressful place right now. Stress affects everyone. Whether you work in a hospital, on a job site, in an office, or as a manager your productivity falters when you are stressed. This stress also has a bearing on your work-life balance. Our Well 2 Work Videos provide you with an overview of stress and its effects on everyone’s work

Through custom and personalized trainings, Well2Work partners with leadership, middle managers, human resource departments, and employees in a variety of industries.

The result? Employers with inclusive and cohesive cultures, and less stressed employees who enjoy an improved work/life balance.
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